Logan is an artisan who specializes in sports photography, particularly fast moving action sports. Raised on a farm at the southern end of New Zealand, Logan rode motorbikes before developing his appetite for the mountains. Cutting his teeth in the southern alps, Logan has since spent much of his time in the Wasatch mountains of Utah, and the Alps of France and Switzerland. Logan and his wife Nina reside in Zürich, Switzerland and spend their free time skiing, hiking, biking, and running.
With a masters degree in Architecture, Logan has a trained eye for detail and precision, which is exemplified, using composition and technique, throughout his photography.
Logan believes in quality photography. He believes that we should use current technology to achieve a desired outcome. And that the art of photography should build upon the moment to captivate a wider audience.
Vision, Technique, and Technology; these are Logan's fundamental pillars. 
Vision and Technique hold utmost importance, they furnish the depth and proficiency necessary for capturing meaningful imagery, whilst harnessing available technology facilitates the realization of this creative vision. A clear distinction between Style; personal expression, and Aesthetic; encompassing the beauty of the subject, Allows for the capture of a more meaningful photograph; one that is Authentic. Authenticity emerges when all three pillars are configured, harmonized, in such a way that enhances the viewers understanding and evokes feeling.
On an overnight outing to photograph Tititea/Mount Aspiring at sunrise, Hamish McDougall captured these photographs. Although the smile is authentic, I was tuckered-out by this point and we still had some elevation to gain!
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